Monday, 9 April 2012

South park caricature (hippie) doll crochet pattern

inspired by SP-Studio

 Here's my first original pattern designed by me. This is a caricature of myself inspired by South park series. Cute, isn't it?! I made it to be a key holder, but it can be done like a pincushion or handbag accessory. The first SP- caricature doll I made was a present for a good friend of mine for her b-day:

You can see the similarities :)... ok, so I'm going to show you how to crochet this doll, but you can customize the hair, the color of the eyes, the clothes, you can also put different accessories... and make a caricature of yourself or anyone you want to. Here I will show you a hippie one. So, let me stop talking and start doing cool stuff:


sc: single crochet
inc: 2 sc in one stitch
dec: 1 sc over two stitches through the front loops only (this is called invisible decrease)


Use pink or white yarn. Make a magic ring. Here is some information how to make magic ring

R1: 6 sc into ring (6) 

R2: inc in each stitch around (12)
R3: *inc, sc* around (18)
R4: *2 sc, inc* around (24)
R5: *inc, 3 sc* around (30)
R6: *4 sc, inc* around (36)
R7-11: sc around (36)
R8: *dec, 4 sc* around
R9: *3 sc, dec* around
R10: *dec, 2 sc* around
R11: *1 sc, dec* around
Stuff with polyfil
R12: dec around

1) Body with clothes:
R1:Make a magic ring with 6 sc (6)
R2: inc in each stitch around (12)
R3: *inc, sc* around (18)
R4: *2 sc, inc* around (24)
R5-6:  sc around (24)
R7: switch to another color. This round is done in the back loops only of round 5 and sc around. The other option is to just switch the color and sc around in the both loops of round 6 (it's the easier way of doing this) (24)
R8-9 : sc around (24)
R10: *dec, 2 sc in back loops only* (18)
R 11: *dec, 1 sc in both loops* (12)
Stuff the body firmly
R 12: dec around until you close the gap

2) Naked body:
Make a magic ring
Rnd 1: 6 sc into ring (6)
R2: inc in each stitch around (12)
R3: *inc, sc* around (18)
R4: *2 sc, inc* around (24)
R5-9:  sc around (24)
R 10: *dec, 2 sc in back loops only* (18)
R 11: *dec, 1 sc in both loops* (12)

Stuff the body firmly
R 12: dec around until you close the gap. Then pull the yarn trough the bottom to the top.
Leave a long tail so you can sew the body to the head with it.
This part is just for fun :) Take a pink pen and paint a boobs and a belly button

Hands (make two, of course): 

Make a magic ring
R1- 3: 6 sc into ring
R4: dec just one time and sc the next 4 stitches around (5)
R5-6: sc around (5) 
Finish it off. Leave a long tail. Sew to the body 

Make two
R1: magic ring (4)
R2: inc in each stitch around (8)
R 3-4: 1sc in each st around (8)
R 6: CH1 and turn, 1sc in the next 4st, CH1 and turn, 2tog twice. Finish off (again leaving a long tail). Sew to the body as pictured

Make a magic ring
R1: 6 sc into ring
R2: inc only in the first & 1 sc in the second stitch
Then finish it off with long tail and sew to the head as pictured

Choose a color for the eyes:

Pull the yarn trough the back of the head right trough the hole of the eye leaving a long tail
Pull it back trough the same hole (from the eye trough the same hole you pulled the yarn from the beginning at the back of the head)
Leave a small loop
Then pull the yarn third time trough the start hole to the eye
Then make a chain with 3 st in the eye

Pull the tail trough the other eye and repeat everything you did with the first eye in the same hole from the back of the head:
The reason we did everything at the same hole is that when you finish with the two eyes you can sew the two tails together at the back of the head and hide it in the hole:
here's the eyes!


  Take a black yarn and pull it trough the back of the head to the point you want your mouth to start. Then start shaping it the way you want it!

With the long tail of the mouth you can make a lashes


Pull the yarn between the eyes and start shaping the lashes the way you want

 The hippie clothes:

If you choose a naked body from the beginning you'll need a clothes. Here in that pattern I choose a hippie jeans dress:
Take a rectangular denim piece and make a hole in the middle. Then pull a green yarn and start shaping a peace sign in the front of the dress:



Pull the body trough the hole in the middle of the dress. Not from the head (it's too big), but from the bottom of the toy. Start sewing the two sides of the dress together:

The hair:

Chose a color and  muffle the yarn around your fingers


Cut at the bottom:


Now you have the length (you can make it longer if you want and then make a haircut :)):



Start pulling the yarn trough the hole as pictured: 


Leave a loop and pull the yarn trough it so you can attach it to the head:

Work in a round:

Make a hairstyle you want:

  To be more authentic as a hippie I made a long green chain and tied it trough the hair:
Enjoy your hippie south park inspired toy! :)
Here is a kiss for you! :*

 see how you can turn that toy into a bag charm :)


  1. Very cool. I'm making it! Congrats Lizi for your awesome blog! :)

    1. love them Lizi!! Really like the jean dress too, brilliant!

  2. Thank you anonymous and Sharon, I'm very glad you like it! Greets!

  3. Wow, that's realy great and detail :-)

  4. Thank you MaF! I'm happy you like it :)))

  5. Perfect gift for a friend. Thanks a lot I now have a present :)

  6. Hi! :)
    How did your friend like the present? I would love to see a picture :)))

  7. How cute is this! I think this may be my first attempt at a little person. Love the peace sign!