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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Lenore the Cute Little Dead girl Crochet Pattern.

L'ill Ballerina.


sc: single crochet
inc: 2 sc in one stitch (just in the dress pattern: inc is 3 sc in one st)
dec: 1 sc over two stitches through the front loops only (this is called invisible decrease)
With white yarn. 
R1: Make a magic ring with 6 st (6)
R2: inc around (12)
R3: *1sc, inc* around (18)
R4: *2 sc, inc* around (24)
R5: *3 sc, inc* around (30)
R6: *4 sc, inc* around (36)
R7: *5 sc, inc* around (42)
R8: *6 sc, inc* around (48)
R: 9-12 sc around (48)
R13: *6 sc, dec* around (42)
R14: *5 sc, dec* around (36)
R15: *4 sc, dec* around (24)
R16: *3 sc, dec* around (18)
R17: *2 sc, dec* around (12)
Until you have 7 st
Stuff the head firmly


R1: sc around (7)
R2: inc around (14)
Stuff the the neck and head firmly once again! 
Switch the colour (pink)

R1-2: sc around (14)
R3: *5sc, inc* around (20)
R4-7: sc around (20)
R8: sc around in front loops only (20)

R9: inc around (40)
R10: *5sc, inc(3 sc in one st)* around
R11: *6sc, inc* around
Switch the colour (white)
R12: *7sc, inc* around 
Finish it off and hide the tail

Closing the gap of the dress:
You can make it with white or pink colour. It's your choice. I made it with white yarn
R1:  sc around in back loops only (20)
R2: dec around in back loops only. Until you close the gap

Cut two round pieces of white cloth and sew them to the head with black yarn. 

Make nose and mouth with the same yarn you use for the eyes!

Hands(make two):
R1: Make a magic ring with 6st (6)
R2-10: sc around (6)
R11: inc around (12)
R12: sc around (12)
Put a wire in the hands if you want it to be flexible
R13: *1sc, dec* around (6)
R14: dec around
Finish it off  & sew to the body

Legs (make two):

Make a magic ring with 4 st
R1: inc around (8)
R2-15: sc around (8)
R16: inc 5 times then ch 1 and turn, sc around (13)
Finish it off & put a wire if you want

Foot / shoes(make two):

Make a magic ring with 6 st
R1: inc around (12)
R2-3: sc around (12)

Then chain one and turn. Sc 4, then ch1 and turn again make 2 dec in both loops. Then ch 6 pull the yarn trough the middle stitch of the front side of the shoes and ch 6. The pool the yarn trough the back side leaving a long tail. Sew to the leg!

The hair (the pictures are from my other pattern here)

Chose a color and  muffle the yarn around your fingers


Cut at the bottom:


Now you have the length (you can make it longer if you want and then make a haircut :)):

Start pulling the yarn trough the hole as pictured: 


Leave a loop and pull the yarn trough it so you can attach it to the head:

Then sew the hair on top to make Lenore's haircut:

The skull hairpins:

Take grey yarn. Make a magic ring with 6 st. Make 1ch, turn & make 2 sc. Finish it off (leaving a long tail) and make an eyes and teeth with black yarn. Sew to the head. 

The crown:

With pink yarn chain 12. Sc in the second st of the chain. Sc in the next 4 then *ch 2 and sc in the same st*. Repeat ** 2 more times. Then sc in the next 4. Ch 1 and turn sc 1, then *ch 4 and sc in the second st. Sc 3 and sc 1*. Repeat **. For the middle of the crown ch 5, scin the second, sc 4 and sc 1 more time.  Then repeat ** two more times sc 1 and finish it off.