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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Angry birds cell cozy crochet pattern


sc: single crochet
inc: 2 sc in one stitch
dec: 1 sc over two stitches through the front loops only (this is called invisible decrease)

 Make a chain with 10st:

R1: sc in second ch from hook, sc in each of next 8, inc in last st; continue to sc in each of next 8st, inc in last st (20)
R3: sc in each of 8st, inc in last st; sc in each of 9st, inc in last st (22)
This is how you make your cell case with round edges: 
R4: sc in each of 10st, inc in 11th st, then inc in 12th; sc in each of 9st, inc in 10th st, then inc in 11th (26)
R5: sc in each of 11st, inc in 12th st, then inc in 13th; sc in each of 12st, inc in 13th, then inc in 14th (30)
R6-18: sc around (30)
R18-21:  Two st before you reach the right edge of your cell phone case (14th st) chain 21 and connect that chain to the 20th st (counted from that 14th st you started a chain from)  and sc around for 3 rolls (30)

R22-26: when you reach the edge of round 22 *dec, sc until you reach the other edge then dec*. Repeat this until you have 12st. Then finish it off leaving a long tail. Turn the top of your cell backwards and sc trough both layers until you close the gap. Finish it off. 
Here is the result:

The eyes (make two):

Take a white & black yarn
R1: Make a magic ring with 6 st (6)
R2: *inc in each stitch around* (12)
Fasten off & hide the tail. Then sew to the cell case with a black yarn as pictured:

* For the аpple of the eye: pull the black yarn trough the hole of the white magic ring, chain 3 and pull it back. Make so for the two eyes. 
Then pull the the black yarn one more time (this time for the eyebrows) right above the eye and chain 4 and shape it. Make that for the two eyebrows. (for more info and pics see this pattern here)

The beak: 

Use yellow yarn. 
 Make a chain with 5st, sc2tog (it is dec, but in both loops)twice in 2nd ch from hook. ch 1 and turn sc2tog. Finish it off . Hide the tail and sew the wide end of the beak to the middle down edge of the cell cover:

The crest:

Pull a red yarn trough a hole of the top of the 'head' then tie it in a knot and shape it with scissors :)

 Congratulations - you have an unique cell phone case! ;)